Welcome to
Midland Healers

Yoga Group

How we came together...

At the dawn of the "Pandemic" many of us lost our livelihoods.

Natural healers,

the ones who needed the most financial protection to continue helping and assisting others,

were totally crushed by the new regulations, which caused them to close business.

Being close with one another is one of the fundamental elements of our spiritual being. Community, connection, love, laughter and joy are our human core needs and they were stripped away.

Midland Healers
was born. 

We are a group dedicated to the promotion and marketing of natural healers throughout the Nottingham and Derbyshire areas. Profit is not our goal, we are not money minded or material driven. Like many healers, our goal is to help others navigate their journey with as little stress and anxiety as possible. 

To continue raising our vibration for ourselves and for others, we serve our community in the best way possible by assisting with marketing, promotions and advertising. 

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