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Vegan friendly,


and alcohol-free,

the LA Tanning company supplies the UK´s highest quality range of tanning shades. 

With extensive experience within the tanning industry, we provide an all over, even, long lasting tan! 



Book a week in advance for a mobile appointment and take advantage of a quality tan, right to your door.


Book on the day or in advance!

Ensure you're shaved and exfoliated 24 hours before appointment and you're good to go!

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and I adhere to the most recent COVID 19 standards. 


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Pink Swimsuit




All products directly from LA Tanning company 

  • 100% Paraben-free

  • 100% Alcohol-free

  • Contains a 5 vitamin blend

  • White & Green Tea extracts

  • Highest quality of ECO cert DHA

  • Cruelty-free