Kambo - Phyllomedusa Bicolor aka "The Giant Monkey Frog."

Updated: Jun 10

...actually not so "giant."

According to Wikipedia, the largest of the males can measure approx 10cm long. However, the largest of the species is the female, with an additional 2 or 3 cms.

The bright, waxy, green amphibian with suckers for feet, originates from the deep Amazon basin. Spreading across Brasil, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru, there appears to be an abundance of this extraordinary breed of frog......which is all down to it's remarkable defence mechanism, it's bioactive, peptide secretions!

Upon researching Kambo, I found a complete contrast of information. It appears that the more "mainstream" research, appears to downplay the aptitudes, whilst the more liberal views have a more open and welcoming knowledge. So I'm here to review all sides of the coin, but also to give a very personal account and insight into the very core of "Kambo."

For the average "Google" user, Kambo, when searched, is analysed by our most popular "medical" websites - - "Kambo is a healing ritual used mainly in South America. It’s named after the poisonous secretions of the giant monkey frog, or Phyllomedusa bicolor.

The frog secretes the substance as a defense mechanism to kill or subdue animals that try to eat it. Some humans, on the other hand, apply the substance to their body for its alleged health benefits.

Don't you just love the language they use to encourage the general public to try this pure, organic substance to clean the body and prevent disease?

The truth is, that the substances produced by the Phyollomedusa Bicolor frog, contain the following substances, which have the following health benefits -

- Opiod Peptides - This increases motivation, helps to regulate emotion and aids the prevention of addiction and attachment behaviour.

- Deltorphin 1 - This penetrates the blood-brain barrier causing "analgesic effects" within the central nervous system. This means an instant pain reliever!

- Dermorphin - 30-40 times more potent than morphine. Even in these tiny quantities, it still provides pain relief, a sense of well-being and mental clarity.

AND It's said to treat the following ailments -

- Addiction

- Depression

- Chronic pain

- Infertility

- Low energy

- Lethargy

- Brain fog

- Intoxication


We're mostly used to taking medicines "via oral."

But Kambo is administered using a slightly different approach.

As our stomach acid tends to destroy most of what it comes into contact with, this substance is applied to the dermis, the layer of skin below our epidermis. Yes, that's right, for the frog secretion to effectively reach our lymphatic system without dilution, we must

"open the gates" by piercing the top layer of skin. This is done by burning small holes usually on the arms, using a stick. The number of holes will depend on the strength of the medicine to be applied. If you're a noob like me, then 3 or 4 is recommended to begin with, but after time, the body begins to grow a tolerance, so more holes may be needed. If you're not sure, you can always contact Tammy and James for more info!

The Kambo Origins -

The Matses Tribes of South America; The Amazon basin, are suffering greatly from loggers destroying their homes, and the western world imposing their unforgiving rules, laws and legislations. As a result, and to fight for their homes, they have travelled far across the Atlantic to teach us about their ways, their spiritual practices, how to live in harmony with nature, and Kambo. All the money they make from helping us to grow spiritually and by improving our health, they are investing back into their communities. By having you here and investing in yourself by allowing Tammy and James to serve Kambo to you, you are also playing a part in the survival of the Matses indigenous tribes.

"We don't eat factory foods,

We don't buy things,

Which is why we need

land to grow our food."

To find out how you can help directly - Check out more information here -

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Kambo blog part 2!

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