What are the benefits of a sports massage?

Injury prevention | Greater flexibility/mobility | Pain reduction | Stress relief | Better circulation | Decreased muscle soreness | Posture improvement | Relaxation | Improved sleep


£7.00 - 10 Minutes - Add hot stones for £10

This vigorous and stimulating massage is to get you going! Increasing the temperature of the muscles is vital, so using special techniques to stimulate blood flow, stimulate the nerve endings and prepare the body is the primary focus for this type of massage. 

**This massage does not replace the warm up. All athletes should take the time to warm-up thoroughly before any event. 

* I will be available at events across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to provide pre-match massage. Please see the fixtures list for information on where I shall be. 



In-house £50 - 60 Minutes - Add hot stones for £10

Mobile £55 - 60 Minutes - Add hot stones for £10

£25 deposit 

This massage will work directly alongside your warm-down. This aim of this massage is to aid recovery after a vigorous workout or a competitive event. Where the body has been pushed beyond its limit and muscles become over-stretched, this massage is to also prevent the "Delayed onset of muscle soreness." Muscle soreness could occur the day after the event, and so much so that it limits daily tasks. 

So let us help you keep going and book today. 



In-house £50 - 60 Minutes - Add hot stones for £10

£55 - 60 Minutes - Add hot stones for £10

£25 deposit

Regular massage is recommended for all athletes.

This bespoke, full-body massage uses all techniques to ensure the body is healing well, preparing for future events or workouts and is maintaining good balance.

Focussing on all areas of the body, I ensure the skin is receiving the best medium which can range from aromatherapy oils to plain creams, depending on your preference, needs or allergies.

Deep tissue techniques are used during this massage which reach the deeper layers of muscles below the surface. These muscles tend to be hardworking and overlooked during warm-ups and warm-downs, so particular attention will be paid to realign muscle fibres and gain full function back to the tissues.